As a mommy it is the little things that I find gives me a great sense of success. But in reality I had nothing to do with the success except trying to understand my son.

My success today was that my son is napping in his crib for the second day in a row! And he was laid down awake and put himself to sleep.

Now since he was about two months old he has napped the best in his swing. Before that it was in the arms of a family member or his bouncer. The swing has slowly been losing its appeal. He usually only sleeps about a half hour in it.

So with that sign I decided to try the crib. Especially since he was sick last week.

Yesterday I laid him down and turned on the wave sound like he hears at night. I was hesitant to turn that on but I thought with the blinds open it would differentiate from bedtime and nap time enough. I am hoping that is the case. And he rolled around and pulled up on the crib but finally find a good position and fell asleep.

Today he didn’t even pull up but just rolled around and fell asleep. I have eaten my lunch and let the dogs in. And I am getting to write this and see if I get any cyber Monday shopping done.

It is so funny that I feel successful with just my little man sleeping in his crib. And like I said earlier, it really didn’t have anything to do with me.

What is your success this week?

Little man in his swing




My Weekend

This weekend has been a busy one even though we stayed home. This weekend also marks two years since we lost our first baby. So Thanksgiving weekend will always hold a memory for us.

Last year I worried more about remembering that weekend as we were back down in Arizona but at the same time we were celebrating my coming child with baby showers. This year I get hold my firstborn in my arms as I remember my first baby that I lost. I don’t think I will ever be able to celebrate Thanksgiving without remembering that one.

WP_20151128_14_25_32_ProI find as I hit the second year and holding my firstborn that my perspective on that lost. It is still a loss but I can see the good from that. It has made me a better mother. I have taken time to enjoy the little moment with my little man and look at him as such a blessing. I am afraid if I didn’t have the losses I wouldn’t have taken that time. I also think it has made me a more relaxed mother. I allowed my little man to set his schedule and I don’t try to force my plans on him.

So slowly I can see some purpose in the miscarriages.

This weekend was also hard and tiring because my little man had his first fever. He actually developed it on Thanksgiving at dinner at friend’s house. He didn’t really eat but looked like he was about to fall asleep in his high chair. Then he got really snuggly and just feel asleep on me. Oh and he was warm to the touch.

He slept really well Thanksgiving night and woke up happy. But then by 2:30pm he was getting warm again and getting fussy. He was so snuggly last night that my husband even got snuggles. My little man went to bed early and slept soundly the whole night.

This morning he woke up a bit fussier then normal but I finally think the fever completely broke because he has been his cheerful, energetic baby. But it has taken a lot more DSC_0175energy to care for a sick baby because he wants held a lot more. And that means very few breaks for me. And it is hard to see your baby sick with very little you can do.

Then the last big thing we did this weekend was decorate for Christmas. My husband put up the outside lights while I decorated the tree. And slowly we have been putting up the other decorations. It does take a lot longer with a baby especially one that isn’t feeling well.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Any memories? Black Friday Shopping?



Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a day that we are to look back on the year or our lives to what we are thankful for. My list this year just keeps going. I am trying to practice gratefulness in both small and large things. I want to see the blessings in my everyday life.

The first blessing is my relationship with my Lord and Savior. If I didn’t have that in my life I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am thankful for my faith in a God that is greater then anything.

Second blessing is my amazing husband who does everything he can to provide and protect our family. He is a marvelous father, who adores his son. He also cares for his dogs with love. I know that he does everything to his best.

The third blessing is my little man. I can’t believe how fast he has grown up. He is already trying to walk. He makes me smile every morning when I see his smile back at me. I am so thankful God gave me him.

Then the many more blessings keep coming. My family both by blood and marriage. My warm house and vehicles that get us around. The food we get to eat and we get a choice of what we eat. Dishwashers and washing machines that make my life as a mom much easier. Dogs that love us. The beautiful sun outside. My church family that takes care of us. My table at MOPs and the great steering committee and speakers.

My list could just go on and on.

What are you grateful for this year? Have you expressed your gratefulness?

Enjoy today! Be thankful for your many blessings. I pray that you can spend your day with family or friends.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Myth or Truth

WP_20140910_002 So I am going to ask a question whether the following statement is a myth or truth for you. Do you believe that the type of pregnancy you have affects the type of baby you have? Such as a hard pregnancy equals an easy baby.

When I was pregnant I refused to believe that a hard pregnancy equals an easy baby because after two miscarriages and what I will detail below as a my hard pregnancy I didn’t want to expect an easy baby. But now looking back in my situation a hard pregnancy did equal an easy baby. Now I still can’t say if that is just because David’s personality is easy going, if it is how I am raising him or what has made him so easy. But David sleeps well, loves playing on his own now, only fusses for food or sleep, and has a quiet cry. Most people don’t even hear him when I think he is being really mad.

Now you have heard about my two losses by now but here is how my third pregnancy went which results in my firstborn son. I didn’t find out I was pregnant until middle of June of 2014 and it was right after we came back from our annual visit to Arizona. It was a mixture of feelings when I got the test results that I was pregnant again. Do I rejoice with the fact we were pregnant again or do I fear for what might be the outcome in less then 8 weeks? After losses the whole pregnancy is emotionally harder.

I headed right into to see my OBGYN and she told me to start taking baby aspirin and gave me a prescription for Progesterone. Now she even told me that these had no medical backing that would increase my chances of keeping the baby but it didn’t do any harm. Once I started taking those my morning sickness hit very hard. Why do they call it morning sickness? Because for me it was morning, noon, and night. It actually got worst in the evening. I believe I did most of my throwing up at night when my husband was home.

So as I was having bad morning sickness I completely stopped exercising. I think this was more due to trying to change any habits that were consistent in the last pregnancy even though I knew exercising didn’t increase you chances of miscarriage. I also could only eat carbs, dairy and fried food. I was really sad about not eating healthier as I had spent the previous two years losing and maintaining a healthy weight. My morning sickness lasted until close to 20 weeks. So much for just a first trimester sign.

My exhaustion was pretty bad too. I would wake up and see my husband off to work and be back in bed for a nap by 10am. The exhaustion kept with my until week 22 or so. I had hoped to go back and work more at Gap after my first trimester but before my baby came. My plan was to use the money I made to cover baby expenses but that really didn’t work out well.

On top of those two normal signs of pregnancy my emotions were all over the place. I could go in for my biweekly ultrasound and that very evening start worrying that the baby was gone. The only peace of mindWP_20141001_002 I had was that I was lifting up this pregnancy with prayer and covering it with God’s Word. This didn’t mean it was a guarantee that I would have the baby but it was a guarantee that God’s plan would happen. I didn’t relax emotionally until after our 20 week anatomy scan when they said all was good and I switched over to the midwives.

I started feeling better about week 24 but I that only lasted for less then a month as at week 27 I woke up with the worse pain ever in my upper right side back. It wouldn’t go away when I walked or stretched. Finally my husband woke up at midnight to me crying. We called both the nurse hotline through our insurance and my midwives. Neither one thought it was the baby but both suggested a hot bath or shower and possibly going to the emergency room.

So I took a hot shower and while in there I vomited and it was red. My husband freaked out thinking it was blood but I reminded him that I had just eaten raspberries with cream before bed. We still rushed to the hospital where we spent the next six hours. Half of that was spent in the maternity emergency room to ensure it wasn’t baby where I did vomit again and the pain started subsiding. I was transferred back to the emergency room where they did an ultrasound on my back and confirmed it was a gallbladder attack and I had multiple gall stones.

Apparently gallbladder attacks are very common in pregnancy especially after multiple pregnancies which I have had even though I didn’t have any children yet. The emergency room sent me away with instructions to visit a general surgeon. My husband and I didn’t know what that meant but it made us nervous. I did visit the general surgeon and since I was headed into my third trimester he didn’t want to remove the gallbladder until after baby boy was born. This did mean though additional doctors visits every month to monitor my gallbladder to make sure an iWP_20150205_002nfection to happen and that I would need emergency surgery.

Two weeks after my gallbladder attack I had an swollen itchy eye that I thought was a bug bite but didn’t go away after a week. I was in Arizona for Thanksgiving and my baby showers when I went to my mom’s doctor and he confirmed that I had shingles. Apparently due to the pregnancy and stress another side affect of pregnancy caused shingles to release in my body. After that I wondered what else could happen before baby came. I was very positive that I would end up with gestational diabetes and was very glad with that came back negative two weeks later.

The last two months didn’t have any more huge flair ups but just became really uncomfortable with sciatic nerve pain. Multiple times a day when I stood up I sharp pain would run down my inner thighs. I couldn’t breath easily. I had terrible heart burn. I wasn’t sleeping and my back was hurting terrible. I really wanted my son to come right at the 37 week, full term mark. But he did wait until 3 days past his due date but I was so glad it wasn’t the normal 10 days.

After my hard pregnancy I did get a relatively short and easy labor that only lasted 13.5 hours. And now I have my easy son. That gives me time to take care of the house, blog, be creative, and serve my church. I look forward to continuing to watch him grow. He is my little man.WP_20140811_005

So what are your thoughts on type of pregnancy versus type of baby?

Self Check

So yesterday was very busy. Overall it was a good day but by the time I was finally headed home to feed my family and let my little man play I was frustrated. Why? Simple.

Traffic. Or my schedule got off.

So every Monday morning has been swim lessons for my little man and me. They are fun but they do tire him out. It isn’t really swimming but getting him use to the water and going under the water. Right after that ended I ran to the grocery store for a quick trip before heading back to the gym for my own workout.

The grocery store was fun because my little man feel asleep on the short drive over so I actually put his infant car seat on the stroller frame and pushed that while pulling a cart so I could get everything. But I successfully completed that trip and made it back to the gym for my own workout.

Then we made it home in a timely fashion for me to start working on a meal that I was taking to a mom with a newborn. The cooking went well as my little man played around in the Tupperware drawer. But he didn’t go down for a nap until 2:30pm and I had hoped to leave the house closer to 3 to take the meal over.

Well we didn’t leave until 3:30pm. And guess what? It had started raining. People here freak out if it hasn’t rained for a few days and then pour. Yes, I know. It is the Pacific Northwest and everyone should be use to the wet but that isn’t true. So my quick 22 minute trip to the mom ended up being 40 minutes via the highways. And my little man feel asleep. It was a quick say hi, see new baby, drop off meal, and run.

Well what should have been a half hour drive home turned into almost an hour. I got really frustrated on the way back because my son was still sleeping and it was close to 5. What was his bed time going to be like? I needed my time! I was hating traffic. I was starting to feel upset for things not going my way.

That is when later that evening I was thinking about that my attitude almost defeated the purpose of serving others. I started thinking selfishly instead of giving of my time and energy. I had to realize that if I am going to serve others including my family I have to not worry when things go array.

I pray that next time I can just let the unexpected TRAFFIC go. I am sure I am not the only one that hates traffic and that got stuck in it unexpectedly. And in reality the extra hour that I lost of my time was worth it.