Time Change Hassle?

Daylight Savings has come to an end yesterday. This meant we gained an hour, right? But do parents really gain an hour?

So leading up to this time change I was worried since it is my first time with a baby during this change. I had read that maybe to try adjusting bed time by 15 minutes the week leading up to it. My husband said to just keep him up an hour later on Saturday night.

Well, in the end, we did none of those. Our little man went down for bed on Saturday at 7pm and had just a little trouble going down. This isn’t that unusual. He usually has one tougher night each week but was asleep by 7:45pm. He had his normal wake ups in the night and I expected a 6:30am – 7am in the new time.

BUT I actually woke up at 7:30am and he was still asleep. I actually ended up waking him up around 8am because we had to get ready for church. But I actually got an extra hour of sleep. What?

I must say I am feeling blessed with a very adaptable little man. I expected much worst but it was a normal wake up and bedtime on Sunday, Nov 1st.

I will admit that I don’t think it is due to my parenting but completely to my son and his personality.

My sleep loving son

By the way, I also miss Arizona and not having to worry about Daylight Savings time period! Can the whole nation switch over?


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