A Scare in the Middle of the Night

If you are new to my blog or haven’t been following my story. Each Friday I am sharing my journey to motherhood. Here is my first post if you want to start at the beginning. Or my last post was about our gender reveal party.

We were so excited to find out at the beginning of October 2014 that we were having a boy. We were also more excited to have made it past the 20 week mark and to the 24 week mark which meant if I happened to deliver there was a high chance the baby would survive.

Also, I started getting energy back. I was feeling good enough to try to walk the dogs or attempt exercising again. But after 20 week so not much activity this didn’t really keep up since I had a growing belly. I also picked up a few shifts at Gap again to keep myself busy.

It was good to finally feel like I was in the second trimester. Enjoying the pregnancy and feeling better. But then we had a scare in the middle of the night.

It was a Saturday night in early November. I was almost 27 weeks along. I had a small snack before bed because if I didn’t I would wake up starving in the middle of the night and I preferred not to wake up fully to eat then go back to bed. My snack for this night was raspberries with whipped cream. I went to be around my normal time of 10am. I felt fine.

I then woke up just before midnight with a searing pain in my back, just below my shoulder blade on the right side. I thought it was a cramp so I tried stretching and moving all around the bed. I finally got up to walk around a bit but nothing helped the pain at all. I ended up back in bed but in tears because it hurt so bad. I had no clue what was wrong but how could it be the baby since it was no where near my belly?

My tears woke my husband up who was very worried. I asked him then to put on some Doterra Deep Blue because if it was muscle pain it should help. I then laid on my back for another 15 minutes but it didn’t subside. It was a constant pain.

He called the nurse line through his work and we gave them all my symptoms. I think the nurse line might be helpful but it really wasn’t that much for this time because they kept focusing on the pregnancy. In the end, they just said you probably should go to the ER. So then we decided to call my midwives before we decided to do that just in case they had another opinion. The midwives talked to us. They said to take a hot shower/bath to see if that would help. They didn’t think it had to do with the pregnancy but it could be transferred pain so if we were worried to go the ER.

I got into a shower to see if that would help. Shortly after I was in the shower I threw up. My husband ran in and freaked out because it was red. He immediately said we are going to the hospital. As I climbed out I remember that I had pizza for dinner and raspberries and told him that. He relaxed a little but still we headed out to the hospital.

When we arrived to the ER they started paper work and sent me up maternity triage to make sure baby was ok. I spent some where over an hour hooked up to a fetal monitor while trying to handle the pain in my back. I did throw up again while there and at that time my pain started to subside. They determined that the baby was ok and sent me back down to the ER. I was glad to hear our baby boy was good but had no clue what was wrong with me.

Back in the ER, they hooked me up to an IV since I was dehydrated. This took two tries since my veins weren’t normal size due to dehydrated. Then they took me to get a ultrasound because the doctor on duty was thinking that I was having a gallbladder attack. He said my symptoms and pain location were ideal for that.

Once they did the ultrasound we waited forever for any news. Finally the doctor came back to tell us that they did find gall stones but none were currently out or blocking my gallbladder any more which I could tell because almost all my pain was gone. Apparently it is very common to have gallbladder issues in pregnancy, normally due to multiple pregnancies. Well I didn’t have any children but this was my third pregnancy in just over a year so it did make sense.

I was finally release just after 6am with a note to see a surgeon for a consultation and to change my diet to low fat. This was hard because my favorite food during this pregnancy was dairy. Apparently my raspberries with whipped cream was what set my gallbladder attack.

That was a long night followed by a longer day. Note to anyone who has very little sleep and dealing with a big issue wait a few days before trying to figure things out. My husband and I had quite a few fights that Sunday due to over exhaustion and worry on both of our parts. Things looked much better on Monday but it took us fight to realize our mistake.

So I had finally relaxed from my worry about a miscarriage and was enjoying my pregnancy to all of a sudden have a new worry for the rest of my pregnancy. My new goal for the pregnancy was to keep from having another attack which might result in emergency surgery and early labor. This definitely wasn’t an easy pregnancy.


4 thoughts on “A Scare in the Middle of the Night

  1. You’ll have to watch out after the delivery for when you actively try to lose weight. Losing weight (fat) compromises the gallbladder if it is at risk. You’re at a high risk of another attack. I hope your pcp goes over this with you and that you are ok! N


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