Crying Out

When you pray to God to expect him to respond? Especially when you feel you need him?

Think of a time when you have cried out to God. Did you do with the expectation he would get you and meet your need?

I will admit I do doubt when I cry out to God at times. It might be more often then I want to say. I would love to have faith that was solid and always expected a quick response from God.

But now compare that to how a baby cries out. A baby or child cries out in the middle of the night with the expectation that their parents will come. They do it with no doubt. They know if they cry long enough and loud enough they will be comforted.

I can just think if David crying out for me and how I quickly meet his need of nursing in the middle of the night. He knows I will come and hold him and give him what he needs. Most of the time he needs to eat but sometimes all he needs is to be held but I always meet his need eventually.

We need to be more like children in our response to God. He might not give us what we want but he will always give us what we need when we cry out.

I got to thinking about this after hearing it on Klove, the radio station. It was a great reminder and I need to watch how I can learn more from my son.


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