Break Time

I absolutely love being a mom. I enjoy time with my little man and watching him grow (a little too fast). But I learned this week that I treasure weekends when I get a break for just me.

Last night I just wanted some “me” time and it was a frustrating evening with David fussy early around 5 and then the dogs being more high maintenance then normal due to vacation. I then realized in the middle of my frustration it was because I didn’t get any breaks this past weekend.

I loved the weather and being in SoCal but due to my husband being at BlizzCon I didn’t get a single break. And my little man was up earlier then normal and going to bed later then normal.

But having no breaks does wear on a mother. I didn’t realize how much just have a half hour or more where my husband is watching David makes a difference on the weekend. It doesn’t even have to be me leaving the house but just not having to worry about him.

I also learned the past two days that errands and shopping were much quicker and easier without a baby. My little man is as easy as a baby can be when shopping but the pulling him in and out of the car makes everything take twice as long. And making sure he gets fed on his schedule interrupts the errands.

I am hoping to get a little time to myself this weekend. Already have a massage scheduled but really would like to do some shopping too.

Do you notice a different if you don’t have your husband around during the weekend?


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