Answer to Prayers

I know my God is good. My God is great. And my God cares about the little things.

I have been through a lot in the past two years but one of the biggest blessings has been the growing of my faith. Along with that my prayer life has grown as well. I have learned to pray and trust in the midst of pain and sadness during my miscarriages. And then as a new mother I have prayed more then I ever have.

I have prayed for peace because as a new mom you get overwhelmed with all the advice given and fear that is out there. The only way I relaxed over SIDS was to pray and leave it in God’s hands because it was out of my control.

I have prayed for wisdom and knowledge for raising David in the large and big matters. I saw the answer to this prayer in a small way as back when my little man was 6 months old and starting solids he was having a really rough night going to sleep. I was rocking him and praying because I had no clue what to do when all of a sudden I remembered I had given him sweet potato baked fries with just a touch of cinnamon on them. I realize it was probably not settling well with him. I was able to use some essential oils on him and he calmed down. I was so thankful for God to give my that knowledge.

Then the last three nights I have seen God’s goodness in answering the smallest prayers. David has been struggling a bit with going to sleep because I think he is teething. So I was tired and needing some sleep. So one night as I nursed him to sleep at 10am I prayed that I would get to sleep until 3-4 in the morning. I felt that was what I needed to be able to serve him. I was so surprised when I heard David and turned over at it was 4am. Then last night David was up at 8pm, 12:45am and then 2:40am. And at this point I was tired so I prayed that he would sleep until 6am so I could get a good three hours of sleep. When I heard him again and looked at the time it was 6:04am.

I know it is a small thing and it isn’t even my little man sleeping through the night. But those little answers to prayer are amazing to see. I can just say I serve a mighty God that gives just enough. Nothing is too small to ask for.

Now I am off to try to get my little man back to sleep and then bed for myself.


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