Last Trimester

So after my scare in the middle of the night I had more to worry about

Last Pregnancy Picture
Last Pregnancy Picture

during my last trimester. I now had to watch what I ate in hopes that I wouldn’t have another attack. I also added in another monthly doctor visit with my surgeon. His goal was to keep me from having emergency surgery before my son came. Having a surgeon was a bit reassuring because if another attack happened I could call him immediately as well as I had medicine on hand to help.

About two weeks after my gallbladder attack we traveled down to Arizona for Thanksgiving. This was an extended vacation as we weren’t going to be traveling for Christmas. We also had the blessing of two showers for our little one given by each of our mothers. It was a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Family

was a little nervous traveling to Arizona over Thanksgiving because this was the same place that we had started my first miscarriage and it was exactly a year later. Surprisingly I didn’t have as much emotions as I expected as I was at my mother-in-laws shower and was too busy celebrating our coming son. I know that I will never forgot our first child but it was good to have something to rejoice in.

But that week wasn’t the easiest as I had another health issue pop up. I gotten a

Beautiful PreShower Picture
Beautiful PreShower Picture

red dot right below my left eye the week before we left for Arizona. I had woken up with it and assumed it was a bug bite. BUT it was still there in Arizona and had just gotten worst. It was itchy and swollen. So I went to my mom’s physician to have it checked out. I learned that I had shingles which is common in pregnancy because it reacts when your stressed or immune deficiency which pregnancy can do both.

I was lucky that is was in a small nerve and it didn’t touch the eye. But this also meant I didn’t get to see all my friends with small children because I was now openly carrying an active chickenpox virus.

I was so worried that when I got back in December that I would fail my gestational diabetes test because I was on pair to have a health problem every two weeks. It was such a relief to get the all clear from my GD test in the middle of December.

I will say though with all this leading up to the final trimester I was really counting down the weeks until my son would arrive. I was worried that I wouldn’t have everything done as we still had Christmas to celebrate with just my husband and I. We did get to skype with the family in the evening but it was strange to have a Christmas with just the two of us. The first one of our marriage and the only one.

Decorating with the dogs
Decorating with the dogs

I spent the last 6 weeks leading up to my due date attending my birth class. Talking slow short walks. Having contractions that would only last a couple hours. And having some other normal aches and pains from pregnancy such as heartburn, back pain, and sleeplessness. I was so ready for baby to come but I also praying that I would get to enjoy the wonderful dinner my husband had planned for me on my birthday.

I was also blessed by my friends up here in Washington with a couple beautiful

Wonderful ladies from my church
Wonderful ladies from my church

showers. I definitely felt the love both near and far for our coming child. All the gifts definitely helped us get prepared for the baby to arrive. Even though the crib wasn’t put up until the last month or the car seat installed until two weeks before the due date. But everything got done on time.

It was an inpatient waiting game that was happening. Between wanting labor to start at 37 weeks because I was done with the pregnancy but also enjoying the last few weeks alone with my husband. We did indulge in a Saturday of doing nothing but cuddling and watching tv because that wasn’t going to happen again. And I was reminded by my midwives that the average first child came 10 days past due date. We were waiting to see when it would happen.

Our Sunday school also gave us a wonderful shower
Our Sunday school also gave us a wonderful shower

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