My Light Today

So this week has been long since I didn’t get a break last weekend and because my little man has been waking up a lot at night. Oh and it has been pouring, I mean pouring, rain here. Yes, I know, I live the Pacific Northwest and that is normal. But what is normal is a drizzle this has been all out rain and doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

By today I got my spirit lifted and had a wonderful day.

Now it was a busy day but my light in this raining day was the beautiful friends I got to spend the day with.

It started out with some ladies time with my MOPs table and my MOPs sister table. It was wonderful to be baby free and enjoy some girl time at a lovely brunch. One of the mom provided delicious crepes. We also had the best fruit I have had for a while. Yummy quiche and scones. And savory bacon with deviled eggs. The food was a perfect meal to start the day. But the best part was talking with moms about the joys, struggles and thankful parts of life. I definitely felt lifted after leaving there.

But that wasn’t the end of my day!

I then got to hang out with a great group of friends from our Sunday School class and watch a movie. There were three adorable babies (all younger then David and all female (oh by the way my son is surrounded with girls)). And then good conversation, laughter and fun with the adults. We watched Inside Out which was very refreshing, funny, and a recommended movie. There were yummy snacks here too. The snacks included grapes, dried mangos, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate, cookies, drinks, popcorn, etc.

Oh and my son slept on me while I watched the movie so I didn’t have to chase him around. Such a blessing!

I can say after that finished I was feeling very relaxed and refreshed. I enjoy friends and seeing people. This was a light in the middle of a really nasty weather day and a long week for me. Thank you to all my friends that made this day warm and bright!


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