Lights Out

Today we had an adventure that I would have loved to not experience. We had an extremely windy and rainy day today which caused power outage all throughout Western Washington. Sadly that meant it included us.

I arrived home after Bible study this morning to clocks blinking indicating that the power had been out while we were gone. Luckily it was on so I got in and got lunch for us. I also start laundry and the dish washer going. I made it all the way to putting David in his swing which is plugged in and he was calm and relaxing when all the power went out.

Start the crying up again!

I even tried manually swinging him and singing but he just got madder. So I pulled him out and we snuggled in. I read some books and more. I really hoped it would be a short lived outage.

Sadly that did not happen. We hit sunset at 4:30ish and the power was still out. I started light candles and trying to find flashlights. David took a late nap on me waking up right around 4:30. He didn’t like the dark because he wanted to play. This ensured me trying to aim all the light on him and distracting him with a snack. I also decided to order pizza instead of dig through my fridge and let the cold air out.

I was very worried that this would last through the night. That also meant no water for us. We live on a well and no electricity means the pump doesn’t bring water in.

Luckily I will say that the lights came on at 5:40 and we got to have a relatively normal evening putting David to bed. I am very thankful of not having to go through a whole night of no electricity. And I would much rather not be in the dark again.


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