9 Months Old

My little man is 9 months old today!



He has filled my life with laughter, funny faces, exploration, and joy. We went for his 9 month checkup and he is doing wonderful. He is healthy and growing right on course. He is currently sleeping because he got one shot and that knocked him out on the way home.

Highlights from his last month are the following: Vacation to California and first visit to Downtown Disney as well as to the beach to see the Pacific Ocean. He has been pulling up on everything. Got his 6th tooth and mom thinks a 7th. He has stood on his own for about 2 seconds before falling. Enjoys being mom’s little helper with laundry and the kitchen. Loves bath time and regular bedtimes. He had his first swim lesson. He had his first cold. He loves pulling his socks off which isDSC_0150 hard now this it is winter. He experienced his first power outage and didn’t like it. Celebrated both dog’s birthday. Tried a lot of new food. And so much more.

He keeps me busy every day and I am enjoying the nursing time because it is one of the few cuddles I get in a day. He also cuddles in to read books for about one then he is off again. I do love my little engineer/explorer. He also enjoys skyping with grandparents. He can also say mama and dada and wave goodbye or hi when he wants (he won’t do it when we ask yet).

And he definitely wouldn’t hold still for his 9 month photo. But I love how the pictures show his true character. Oh and his favorite toy his the dogs water dish specifically splashing in the water. He gets a lot of joy out of it and soaked!

I look forward to the next month which might bring full on walking but we will see. I love him and am grateful for all the joy his brings into my life no matter how tired I am.




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