My first Mommycon

So I got up and took my little man to the first ever Mommycon Seattle. I wasn’t really sure what to expect because I could find too much online except what was on their website. It is suppose to be a place that focuses on natural and organic parenting methods.

To be honest I wasn’t truly impressed. The vendors were a bit crowded and hard to get through even when wearing your baby. I think it needed more room in between booths and in the aisle. And it was hit or miss which vendors talked about their products or had time to notice you. I did pick up a few more cloth diaper covers in the next size up which I did need. I wanted to really get someone to talk about bit more about other cloth diapers that I hadn’t tried but it never seemed like the right time when I passed by the booths.

Enjoying a snack over lunch time

I also touched a few woven wraps but nothing too exciting there unless you have no clue about wovens or know for sure you wanted one. The main thing the vendors would point out to me was the print exclusive for Mommycon Seattle. I am not sure if they expected I knew a lot since I was wearing my little man with my woven tablecloth.


It is debatable if I would want to go again. The morning seemed slow and none of the topics were that interesting except maybe the cloth diapering 101 but I arrived too late for that one. So from 10 to 12 I just wandered and let my little man play then ran out to get some lunch.

I did make it to Wrapping 101 but only made it through the beginning which wasn’t interesting because they were going over WP_20151121_13_05_45_Proknit wraps (Moby) which I already knew and my little man is too big to use them. I wanted to see a woven and try that with David but he got extremely grumpy before they finished the knit wraps so I put him in my short woven wrap and walked around until he fell asleep which wasn’t long.

I will give I enjoyed the potty training talk by Potty Schmotty and the Bottles to Boob seminar by Leaky Boob. My little man slept through almost all of the potty training talk. And it was relevant to me because she said you start prepping for potty training from birth. I did like her and the method she talked about. It focused on talking about potty training. reading books, and showing them before they were even ready to think about it. And it all made sense.

I did leave after the Leaky Boob talk because I wanted to get out of downtown Seattle before dark and I didn’t want my little man sleeping after 5pm so I could still get my night time to myself. So I missed the baby gear talk from

Enjoying the Leaky Book Talk

The Baby Guy NYC and the giveaways. Those were interesting to me but not enough for me to stay. Although I am positive they kept those two until last to try to keep the majority of attenders there.



Overall not a waste of time but not the most exciting event I have attended. It might have been better if my husband or a few friends had joined me. I also felt it would have been better last fall before my little man arrived. I would encourage expectant mothers to go to look and touch items from the vendors. I think I was a little disappointed and it is up in the air if I would go again.


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