Self Check

So yesterday was very busy. Overall it was a good day but by the time I was finally headed home to feed my family and let my little man play I was frustrated. Why? Simple.

Traffic. Or my schedule got off.

So every Monday morning has been swim lessons for my little man and me. They are fun but they do tire him out. It isn’t really swimming but getting him use to the water and going under the water. Right after that ended I ran to the grocery store for a quick trip before heading back to the gym for my own workout.

The grocery store was fun because my little man feel asleep on the short drive over so I actually put his infant car seat on the stroller frame and pushed that while pulling a cart so I could get everything. But I successfully completed that trip and made it back to the gym for my own workout.

Then we made it home in a timely fashion for me to start working on a meal that I was taking to a mom with a newborn. The cooking went well as my little man played around in the Tupperware drawer. But he didn’t go down for a nap until 2:30pm and I had hoped to leave the house closer to 3 to take the meal over.

Well we didn’t leave until 3:30pm. And guess what? It had started raining. People here freak out if it hasn’t rained for a few days and then pour. Yes, I know. It is the Pacific Northwest and everyone should be use to the wet but that isn’t true. So my quick 22 minute trip to the mom ended up being 40 minutes via the highways. And my little man feel asleep. It was a quick say hi, see new baby, drop off meal, and run.

Well what should have been a half hour drive home turned into almost an hour. I got really frustrated on the way back because my son was still sleeping and it was close to 5. What was his bed time going to be like? I needed my time! I was hating traffic. I was starting to feel upset for things not going my way.

That is when later that evening I was thinking about that my attitude almost defeated the purpose of serving others. I started thinking selfishly instead of giving of my time and energy. I had to realize that if I am going to serve others including my family I have to not worry when things go array.

I pray that next time I can just let the unexpected TRAFFIC go. I am sure I am not the only one that hates traffic and that got stuck in it unexpectedly. And in reality the extra hour that I lost of my time was worth it.



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