My Weekend

This weekend has been a busy one even though we stayed home. This weekend also marks two years since we lost our first baby. So Thanksgiving weekend will always hold a memory for us.

Last year I worried more about remembering that weekend as we were back down in Arizona but at the same time we were celebrating my coming child with baby showers. This year I get hold my firstborn in my arms as I remember my first baby that I lost. I don’t think I will ever be able to celebrate Thanksgiving without remembering that one.

WP_20151128_14_25_32_ProI find as I hit the second year and holding my firstborn that my perspective on that lost. It is still a loss but I can see the good from that. It has made me a better mother. I have taken time to enjoy the little moment with my little man and look at him as such a blessing. I am afraid if I didn’t have the losses I wouldn’t have taken that time. I also think it has made me a more relaxed mother. I allowed my little man to set his schedule and I don’t try to force my plans on him.

So slowly I can see some purpose in the miscarriages.

This weekend was also hard and tiring because my little man had his first fever. He actually developed it on Thanksgiving at dinner at friend’s house. He didn’t really eat but looked like he was about to fall asleep in his high chair. Then he got really snuggly and just feel asleep on me. Oh and he was warm to the touch.

He slept really well Thanksgiving night and woke up happy. But then by 2:30pm he was getting warm again and getting fussy. He was so snuggly last night that my husband even got snuggles. My little man went to bed early and slept soundly the whole night.

This morning he woke up a bit fussier then normal but I finally think the fever completely broke because he has been his cheerful, energetic baby. But it has taken a lot more DSC_0175energy to care for a sick baby because he wants held a lot more. And that means very few breaks for me. And it is hard to see your baby sick with very little you can do.

Then the last big thing we did this weekend was decorate for Christmas. My husband put up the outside lights while I decorated the tree. And slowly we have been putting up the other decorations. It does take a lot longer with a baby especially one that isn’t feeling well.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Any memories? Black Friday Shopping?



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