As a mommy it is the little things that I find gives me a great sense of success. But in reality I had nothing to do with the success except trying to understand my son.

My success today was that my son is napping in his crib for the second day in a row! And he was laid down awake and put himself to sleep.

Now since he was about two months old he has napped the best in his swing. Before that it was in the arms of a family member or his bouncer. The swing has slowly been losing its appeal. He usually only sleeps about a half hour in it.

So with that sign I decided to try the crib. Especially since he was sick last week.

Yesterday I laid him down and turned on the wave sound like he hears at night. I was hesitant to turn that on but I thought with the blinds open it would differentiate from bedtime and nap time enough. I am hoping that is the case. And he rolled around and pulled up on the crib but finally find a good position and fell asleep.

Today he didn’t even pull up but just rolled around and fell asleep. I have eaten my lunch and let the dogs in. And I am getting to write this and see if I get any cyber Monday shopping done.

It is so funny that I feel successful with just my little man sleeping in his crib. And like I said earlier, it really didn’t have anything to do with me.

What is your success this week?

Little man in his swing




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