My very first table decorated for the dinner

This morning I set up for my fourth Ladies Friendship Christmas Dinners at my church. While I was driving to the church and setting up I started reminiscing about the past few years. From being brand new to the church but jumping in with both feet.


Oh, how life has changed!

Two years ago was the hardest set up that I had because I had just miscarried that week. It was my first event post finding out that I was miscarrying and I cried on the drive there and while setting up. I also didn’t know many other ladies setting up so it was a really hard time. But that evening was much needed surrounded by friends who supported me. And my centerpiece that year was flowers from a coworker. It looked perfect.

Then last year I chose to host even though I was 8 months pregnant. It was fun celebrating Christmas with the hope of my son coming. I had it planned well and it went smoothly. My husband helped make the center piece because he didn’t want me spray painting the bottles since I was pregnant. I loved how it all came out and the joys of my old and new friends joining me.

My beautiful table all set
Wonderful friends joined me


And this year I got to take my little man along to set up. I dropped him off in the nursery where he got almost 2 on 1 attention and was super happy. He played and charmed all the workers. And I got to set up my table and knew a majority of the ladies setting up their tables too. It was fun talking to everyone and seeing the tables take shape.

My table this year. It looks better in person


Each year has held its meaning but this year was a lot of fun setting up and I look forward to the evening as well. I am very glad that life isn’t static even when some memories are sad it still means I am moving in a direction.

How has your life changed in the past 3 years?


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