Mommy Moments

I feel like I have had a lot of mommy moments lately.

Yesterday while I was trying to leave the church after setting up for the dinner in the morning I got my son and his diaper bag. Then I headed out to the car. I got my little man all buckled in and then realized I didn’t I have my water cup.

Now my water cup costs like $15 dollars and I tend to break them after a few months so leaving it at the church after I just got a new one last weekend wouldn’t be good. So I had to unbuckle my son and head back in. I thought I left it in the nursery but nope. Luckily another mom saw it sitting on a random chair in the hallway. Thankful for other moms to help me find my stuff.

Oh and then when I arrived home I went to open the garage door but the opener wasn’t in my vehicle because I had left it on the stroller after my walk the day before. And I didn’t realize that when I left in the morning because my husband left at the same time and closed the garage for us.

So I thought, “No big deal, I have my house key.” Which I never use by the way because we go in through the garage. I turn off the car and get out. And start walking to the front door and realize there is no house key! I am stuck out of my house.

A quick call to my husband and a short drive to his office to get his garage door opener. Luckily my son was asleep this whole time and got his nap in. But not too smart on my side.

Have you had any mommy moments lately?



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