Styled by Mail

So since I became a mother it has been interesting find clothes to fit my change shape. You go from being able to show off a belly to your body not like it once was and it constantly changing every few months. I am 10lbs away from my goal weight after having gained quite a bit over my pregnancy (45lbs).

So how did I keep myself dressed through my 9 months postpartum?

I decided to try being styled by mail.


I tried out three companies that mail you clothes. Two that you purchase them if you like them and one that is a rental company. They were Stitch Fix, Trendsend, and LeTote.

Here are my thoughts and why I tried each one out.

First one that I tried was Stitch Fix. It charges you a $20 dollar styling fee that can be used to purchasing one of the items. They usually send 2 accessories and 3 clothing items. Their profile is quite comprehensive and you can link your pinterest board and facebook to it. You can also say what you like to spend on each different item of clothing and ask to not be sent certain things like shoes, jackets, etc.

I actually like Stitch Fix the best. I have chosen two shirts that I really like from them. The only draw back is they are both hand wash only shirts which is a bit difficult with a baby but doable. I also liked a few of the other items but they didn’t quite work with my wardrobe. I like it the best because of the quality and time put into the box I receive.

I am set up to receive a Stitch Fix box every other month. You can choose monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. It is nice that it isn’t a contract or anything and can cancel at any minute. It really is helping my expand where I look for clothes and my style.

Check it out! The only downside is the styling fee that forces you to purchase something instead of loose the money.

The next one that I tried was Trendsend by Evereve. I had walked by Evereve at my local mall but never walked in. I also have heard about it from my MOPs emails so I thought if it is designed for moms that I should try it. Also, what is better then getting an outfit or two in the mail.

Bonus was there was no styling fee (They are now changing that as of Dec 16th they are charging a $20 dollar styling fee). So there wasn’t anything out if I didn’t like it. The first box I received I actually like the ponte pants they sent. They worked great for walking the dogs and playing on the floor with my little man. I also kept a black tank top that was versatile and easy to nurse in.

The other items were badly fitted or at least on my body. They were either too long for my torso or had off the shoulder seams which I don’t like. But overall I liked it. So the Trendsend box did have me head into Evereve before my family photos to try to find a top that I liked. Sadly that didn’t turn out good at all. I didn’t find anything I liked after trying on 5-6 outfits.

So when Trendsend sent me an email this week announcing the styling fee I chose to cancel it. If it was still free I would have given it another go on a quarterly basis. But since I have an Everever within 10 minutes of me I can go in for free and shop the store to get styled. It does loose the convenience aspect of trying on in home but I am a bit skeptical of their clothing fitting my style.

Then lastly I tried LeTote because I got a half off. So I got to try it for $25 dollars instead of the normal $49 (soon to be $59). This is different then the other two as it is a rental company. You get 3 piece of clothing and 2 accessories sent to you and you can keep them for a day or a month however long you want to. Then you send it back and they send out another box right away. Sounded interesting. I wanted to see how it worked because they do a maternity one too.

It was not worth $49 and it might have been worth my $25. The quality of the clothes and jewelry is cheap. It also is more of a junior style not a mom style. Most of the clothes were a bit tight fitting. Also, the timing of the boxes are a bit off to me. It says they will send one as soon as your box that is being sent back is scanned at the post office but that wasn’t the case for me.

I did like one dress and necklace the first time but even with their “so called” discount if you purchase  an item from you is a bit more then I thought it was worth it. I am the one that likes to buy things on sale or with coupons. The second box didn’t have anything I liked or that fit well.

So I wouldn’t recommend LeTote especially for a new mom because you don’t want too tight and to show off that extra baby weight. Also, to cancel your subscription you have to call. You can postpone for up to two months on the website but having to call to cancel is a pain.

So overall I am keeping with Stitch Fix. You can check out the other two if you want to try. It would be interesting to get others feedback.

Sorry I have no pictures but I forgot to take any.



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