Oh Little Man

So last night my little man got his first bite of dog food. I just put down the dog’s dishes for them to eat and walked to the kitchen when the next thing I hear a sliding of a metal dish. I walk back around the corner and my little man had a handle full of Dylan’s food.

By the way, Dylan, is such an easy going Beagle that he let my little man just take his food right in front of his mouth.

I did quickly pick up him and empty out his hand. Then I attempted to get the dog food out of his mouth. The joys of having a mobile baby and a dog.


Oh, little man!

My second thought on my little man for the day is does anyone else’s baby find a pacifier as a toy or teething item? My son broke himself of his wubbanub at 6 months and has been pacifier free. But I still had two random pacifiers that he found in his toys. He now chews on the hard part or just carries it around with an occasional suck on it.

I think it is the most adorable thing.



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