Christmas Party

This weekend we enjoyed my husband’s work Christmas Party. And we got to enjoy it just the two of us because my mother-in-law (grandma) traveled all the way from Arizona to babysit. Well, I like to think that! She actually came to celebrate Christmas early with her grandson and us.

My husband and I had a fabulous time. We enjoyed excellent food such as sea bass, green beans, chicken, and oh the desserts! They had peppermint bites, petit fours, macaroons, snickerdoodles, cheesecake and white chocolate mousse. It was all delicious and I was glad we split the desserts.

They also had a few free entertainment to enjoy. We got a free photo and caricature. The caricature was the best because I always love seeing them at the theme parks but refuse to pay the price to get one. They also had rockaroke, dueling piano, casino, billards, dj and dancing, darts and a few more. It was a very fun and relaxing evening.

Our Caricature


A great looking couple

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