You Know you’re a Mommy When…

You know you’re a mommy when…

You wipe a runny nose with your sleeve because you can’t reach a boogie wipe or Kleenex.

let your child rub he runny nose all over your pants and let it sit.

That you don’t mind the smell of breast milk on your shirt or bra.

That you go in to feed your child as soon as he cries because you want extra a sleep.

Or for that matter can’t go back to sleep after your child let you sleep 5.5 hours because you feel too rested!

Your child smiles melt your heart even if it is after an hour of trying to get him back to bed.

you feel comforted knowing your son woke because he pooped after he just slept an hour. At least you have a reason now!

Your “me time” is an hour at the gym enjoying Zumba while you son is at the gym day care.

Your goal for the day is to give your son two good naps so he doesn’t almost fall asleep in his high chair at 5pm which is way too early for bedtime.

Oh and that you wipe up something on the floor with your sock on your foot and call it good.

Now can you include your own! That all happened in the last week with my son and it reminds me of how much motherhood changes you.



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