Simple Christmas

This Christmas was my first with my son. And it was a simple Christmas.

We didn’t fly to see family. We didn’t have any family come and visit. We didn’t rush around on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with places to be or see.

We simply celebrated the birth of our Savior with our son, just the three of us.

On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed a family swim at our local gym. It was fun to splash around and see our little man have fun. Then in the afternoon we went to our church’s Christmas Eve service. And then we came home and enjoyed MOD Pizza before our little man went to bed. And it ended with cuddle time with my husband while watching NCIS (Yes, not Christmas but our current Netflix show).

Then Christmas morning our little man woke, bright and early at 7am.

Why? Not sure.

But he only gave my one wake up that night so I don’t complain.

We then read the Christmas story from Luke 2 before heading to open our stockings. That was enough for the moment for our little man so we then made breakfast, Chicken Sausage, eggs and cheese scramble. A simple breakfast.

Then it was back for our presents which my husband and I opened all of ours but our little man took all day to open his gifts. We also got the chance to Skype with both grandparents and a couple of his aunts.

Nothing fancy or over the top except maybe that my husband made us a duck. But our little man went down for bed at 6:30pm and Christmas was over with our firstborn.

A Simple Christmas for our Savior.




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