Thoughts for Today

Just a few thoughts from me today.

Does any other mom feel like a nurse with how much she washes her hands with everyone, especially the little one, in the house is sick?

My hands are so dry despite trying to put lotion on them as much as possible after washing. But I feel like I wash my hands then my son sneezes and I have to wipe it just to go back to wash my hands. It is a never ending cycle.

Feels like having a cold for four days is a forever time to be sick. Maybe that is because I have a child so I can’t lay in bed where it is warm and rest. And because my son is trying to get my hot tea too!

And when I am not feeling well everything the dogs do is twice as annoying! Can you just stop barking at the tv due to Skyping with grandma! You have seen her multiple times in the last week.

Oh and am I the only one that misreads the instructions for baking a potpie? I thought it was only going to take 35 minutes last night but when I looked as I was popping in in the preheated oven it was 1 HOUR 35 MINUTES. Maybe just put 95 minutes so I don’t space out. It meant leftovers for dinner and the pie is cooked and sitting in the fridge for tonight.

What are your thoughts for today?



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