So our busy morning/day has WP_20131124_003continued dealing with our dog, Samson.

We tried to take him again this morning to fly out with a sedative and the airline still denied him. Actually the cargo man denied him after the reservation and desk agent took him.

So we are not looking at alternatives to help get him to Arizona as well as reaching back out to friends here in Washington hoping to find a home.

It is so hard because as a mother I am ready for a new home for Samson so I can fully protect my son but it has been hard rehoming him. It has been a struggle as no shelter or rescue up here will accept him. And he isn’t good with traveling.

We are now looking at having him driven down to Arizona. Therefore my husband has started a gofundme account to see if we can get some of the cost covered.

We didn’t need this right before moving. And this has made it twice as hard on us especially my husband. It is trying to have to say goodbye to a beloved family member just to have him back but knowing he still has to go.



Our Samson just needs a home with older children or no children. He will be loyal and loving. I am praying that the driving will work or someone will step up here.

Here is our gofundme account with info:




What a Morning!

So it is only 10:30am but what a morning we have had!

Surprisingly it is because of my 11 month old son because he slept in until 9:15am after going to bed at 6:30pm. I will take that even with a couple wake up and feedings in the night.

The business came from our dog, Samson.

Today was the day we were flying him down to AZ to rehome him. My husband woke up at 6:30am to take him to the airport cargo loading to get him on the plane. We had the kennel all set with food, paperwork, blanket, etc. My husband woke up and got Samson out of the house calmly without waking Dylan or my son.

He then spent the next couple hours fighting traffic and getting Samson all set at the airport. We were all feeling the emotions of letting Samson go. My husband called me on his way home and we talked while he fought traffic some more.

He was home loving on Dylan, our beagle, and trying to comfort him. As Dylan was looking for his playmate. Then my husband got a call from Delta that Sam was escaping from his kennel. So back in the car my husband went.

Apparently Samson got out on the air field and had to be corralled into the warehouse. Rob picked him up and we have to rethink how to send Sam down to AZ. Hopefully we can figure it out.

But emotionally it is hard because we had taken our last photos, said our goodbyes, and all that. Now we will go through everything again while trying to pack up ourselves.

Made for a crazy morning.

One of our photos from last night


I love my husband.

I love when he tries to find things in our house all by himself.

But if I hadn’t followed up with him, he would have been very upset in a weeks time.

We are moving and we are sending him a few items to live “bachelor” style in our rental until our furniture gets there sometime in the next three weeks. This means we are sending him the air mattress.

Well, he was trying to pack his box that he is going to ship all by himself. But the problem was the found the box that the air mattress came in and assumed it had the air mattress.

I don’t know about you but I can’t fit an air mattress back into the box it came in so I had replaced it with Mary Kay bags, loofahs, and girly things. The only reason I realized he didn’t have the air mattress was because I was looking in our linen closet and saw our air mattress still in there.

I love how he just assumed the air mattress was in the box. Glad he was trying to do it on his own.

BUT he is glad I caught it because next week would not have been good if he sent himself “girly” items and no bed.


Meal Snatchers

Yesterday I made a delicious and great looking soda can chicken.

Doesn’t it look wonderful?

It was crispy but juicy. And the meat just feel right off the bone.

I was excited!

It was my first time making it.

I used a half can of Dr Pepper. And made up a seasoning that included salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, poultry season, and basil. And added some olive oil to the outside before putting it into a preheated 350 degree oven for two hours.

It smelled as good as it looked.

So I dished up the meals for my husband and me. And gave some juicy pieces to my son. This is how it turned out. We also had side salads with this dish.

WP_20160122_17_08_54_Pro 1
Not quite restaurant quality but I was impressed.

Right as I finished dishing it up my husband texted saying he hadn’t even left the office yet. Ugh! It was one of those days that I had been checking the clock since 3pm. Not sure why it was so slow except maybe it was because it had been a long week.

Well, I sat down to eat but placed my husband’s plate on the table. My beagle tried licking his meat so I pushed it plate into the middle of the table. I couldn’t wait for him to see how pretty the chicken turned out.

Both my son and I finished so I started cleaning up the dishes. When I turn around to catch my lab mix dog pulling the chicken off the place onto the floor. I screamed, both in frustration and to stop him. The scream made my son really cry because he didn’t like it and I don’t scream like that often at all.

I was mad. My beautiful meal was ruined. I called my husband to see how traffic was and it was bad. I told him the story and how I was ready to be done with the week.

I was also done being a doggy mommy. It is exhausting with my own child too.

This is how my husband’s meat ended up looking before I peeled off the meat and still fed it to the dogs because you know I couldn’t waste such juicy chicken. I guess in the end I rewarded the meal snatchers.

From beauty to mangled

How did your week finish yesterday?


Today I took about two hours to just rest while my son takes his nap. I needed it. Just to not think or have to watch him was nice. Especially since we are moving next week. I have had so much going on in my head that I needed time to just do nothing.

Do you have those time as mom? Do you allow yourself rest?

I know I could stay very busy. I could be doing something more with his nap time but then I would be over exhausted and not as good of a mom.

Also, rest is different for each mom and could be different depending on the day. I rested by watching a show and snuggling with my dog.

Maybe you rest by baking or doing a craft. I usually like that but today I needed to not move. Being still was good. And if I was moving I know I would be trying to do my list that I think needs done before the move.

What did you do today to take time for yourself?

A Mommy Day

I am exhausted!

Some because it has been a busy day but I have felt like my brain hasn’t been here all day. I felt that I just kept wandering my house forgetting what I was suppose to do.

Such as put both earrings on after my morning shower. I was getting dress and choose my earrings. I then went into the bathroom to do my makeup and hair. I looked at the mirror and instantly worried that my son has pulled out an earring. Wait a minute! I just put them on and my son is asleep in his swing. Back to the closet I went. Sure enough! My second earring was still in its spot. Ugh!

Then as I was getting my son ready for bed I thought I hadn’t placed his bedtime diaper out. So after his bath as I was changing him I realized that actually there were two out because I had originally put it out when I was getting his room ready for bedtime. Oops!

Then there were a bunch of little things throughout that day. And honestly I can’t remember them all right now. My brain is overworked today!

And with everything going on, I guess, I can’t blame myself. We get packed and loaded a week from tomorrow for moving. We are sorting through giving Samson away. Finishing out my commitments up here. Trying to enjoy friends and hold on to normal as long as possible. While making sure I get the house organized to move with give away items, selling items, etc.

Not sure if I am physically exhausted or just mentally exhausted.

Oh and to end the night! I did lose an earring in the course of the day. My son did pull it out of my ear! It was a favorite and I do know where to get a replacement but I will wait and see if I find it on the floor. Or more accurately, my son finds it on the floor and I catch him before he eats it.

But on a positive note. My son went down on the first try without crying. Much needed!

How was your day?

Almost to a Year

My little man is 11 months old today!

Where has the time gone?

I am sure most parents say that. One of the best sayings from a more experienced parent that I heard is “that the days are long but the years are short.”

I heartedly agree with that statement and I have only been a parent for 11 months. But I remember long days and nights trying to figure things out. And I still have long days and nights figuring things out.

Just like this afternoon as my baby fell asleep nursing for his nap but then woke up screaming for 10 minutes until I went in. He had a poopy diaper that I missed and in the short half hour he had the worst diaper rash I have seen on him. I felt terrible for him. We took a quick bath and put cream on it. And He is now back down for his nap.

This journey will continue to be a day in and day out learning process for me as much as him. See my post from yesterday about his learning. His learning process is more joy and I feel mine comes with more guilt/worry. We want the best for our child and when we mess up, like the diaper rash, we feel awful. I know, in my mind, in the long run he won’t remember these small mistakes but it is hard not to feel guilty in the moment.

Well my 11 month old baby is my blessing, my joy, my struggle, and so much more.

I see him as my blessing in moments like today when I picked him up after Bible study and he was sound asleep all by himself in the swing in the nursing room. He looked so sweet and peaceful.

He is my happy little one that enjoys playing with his friends in the nursery. I drop him off and he usually crawls right over to the toys all happy to be there. He waves bye to the house and dogs anytime I pick him up because he is ready to go see friends.

He is so close to walking on his own. Anything in the house that is his hip height or higher is good for him push around while walking. I believe by 1 he will be walking on his own.

He is learning how things work together such as shape sorters and straws.

He is a great helper with the dishes and laundry. Yes, it does take my longer to do tasks but I don’t mind if it teaches him something new. I may in the moment not enjoy almost tripping over the tuperware on the floor. Or rewashing my favorite spatula for the third time because he stuck it in his mouth. But I do enjoy him helping me pull the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

He loves looking at books and turning the pages while we read to him. I found him daily in his room pulling the books off the shelf.

He is a great firstborn as he can entertain himself. He plays with his Lego Duplos, or his stuffed animals for 15 – 20 minutes content as can be. I am glad for those times as I can get things done.

One of his highlights of his day is bath time. He enjoys his bath toy that his aunt gave him for Christmas. And he gets so excited when we tell him it is bath time.

A big change this month has been he likes daddy soothing him if he doesn’t fall asleep on me nursing or wakes just an hour after going to bed. Even a month ago he got made if my husband went in to sooth him and now he relaxes easier for my husband then me if I am not nursing him. I miss the days of him cuddling in and I am enjoying the final months of nursing him as I know he will wean himself sooner then later.

We have big changes in the coming month as we are moving to California and will be in transition for half of the month. I look forward to see how he adapts to that change. I worry about his sleep because he had a week long stint of waking up every 2 hours and is finally back to only 2-3 times a night. And I am looking forward to the time when 1 wake up happens. I firmly believe that when he is ready he will sleep through the night.

I look forward to next month and celebrating his first birthday. I love my son in all the moments.

Here is to 11 months!WP_20160119_14_05_15_Pro