Since the New Years

Happy very belated New Years!

So my new years started off really busy.

First off all three of us were sick between colds and pink eye.

Praise we are all almost better. My husband somehow contracted pinkeye again. Not sure how but hopefully this is the end of sickness for a time.

We traveled to start off the New Year which left me very exhausted because my little man didn’t sleep well on the trip.

Then my little man hasn’t been sleeping well again this past week. Either due to teething molars or to a big developmental leap of walking.

My little man has kept me busy with all he is learning. He is pushing anything he can around to walk. He is learning to help put dishes away from the dishwasher. Trying to put his shapes in his shape sorter. Gabbering up a storm every day. And delighting me with the best smiles ever.

My little man is also eating like crazy. I feel like I am feeding him either solids or nursing him which is good because he is a growing infant.

I have tried some new recipes (they will be posted later).

And there is some big changes happening soon that I will talk about later.

I am glad for the coming year where I get to celebrate my little man turning one, a wonderful 5 years with my husband, birthdays, exciting graduations and new adventures every month.

I hope you have an exciting year to look forward too. I will be back here regularly now.



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