Warm Soup on a Cold Day

It has been either cold and rainy or freezing and sunny up here lately. I don’t really like either. And both make me crave a warm meal. So I decided to find a healthy new soup. I wanted to use some of the winter veggies that I don’t usually cook with so I headed over to one of my favorite recipes sites: Foodnetwork.com.

And I found this: Butternut Squash Soup with Chicken Sausage.

I think I would make it again but maybe add a bit more spices to it. It was relatively easy to make but a slight learning curve on cutting and peeling the butternut squash. I am no where near a pro with my knife in the kitchen.

I really love watching Master Chef and various cooking shows but with doing so I learn how bad I am of a cook with my knife skills. I mean I don’t get the exact same dices or cuts. I am not a perfection or OCD so I take close to the same size. Anyone else agree? I know I won’t be a chef anytime soon.

Well here is a picture of my Butternut Squash soup. What warm dish do you like on a cold winter day?




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