Icky Gross Tasks

Since becoming a mother I have had to do some tasks that are not very fun. I would call them icky gross tasks. Things that even 11 months after having the child my husband still can’t handle. And these tasks are ones that can be praised for doing because most people wouldn’t do them.

Some of these tasks are:

Cleaning up all the smashed food the infant as had fun playing with instead of eating.

Cleaning the tube around the washing machine of nasty looking food crud that has come out of the babies clothes and bibs.

Of course, changing exploding poop diapers or just stinky poop diapers.

Dealing with the spit of that just comes out and the child keeps playing though nothing happened.

And so many more.

I saw my mom do these and many more tasks without complaining and usually with a smile on her face. Does this mean she didn’t mind? I thought so.

I also heard about moms singing through the nasty things and looking like they enjoy it.

But I think the smiles and singing just masks how much they might be grossed out.

I have thought about not cleaning out my washing machine but then realize no one else is going to do the job so I just do it. Now in my mind I really wish I didn’t have to do it but that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t vocalize that. I think serving as a mother we do tasks with a smile because we know no one else will and they must be done.

I am learning so much as a mother. I am learning how little I really served before and how much I have to sacrifice to serve now. Hopefully my serving my children to show them what a mother is like so they can become great parents someday too.


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