Wacky Weekends

Does anyone else feel like their child’s schedule gets messed up on the weekends?

I call them wacky weekends.

I absolutely love having my husband home to help watch the dogs or my son but I do believe it messes up my son’s sort of schedule we have. I am not hard core on his schedule but I try to read his signs and put him down for naps when he is tired.

During the week he usually naps 30 minutes to an hour in his swing either at home or at the church nursery depending on the day. Then his afternoon nap is between 1-2 hours in his crib starting between 1pm-2pm. And usually his afternoon nap is easy and he doesn’t fit it. I can go in play or read books in his room for 5-10 minutes then nurse him before setting him down in his crib. I then leave the room and he is usually awake but rolls around maybe cry once or twice but then falls asleep on his own.

But on the weekends he goes in to his room but he didn’t want to nurse and cried for 25 minutes before I went in to try to nurse him again. And then I finally pulled him out at 45 minutes of still being awake. He then played around before I laid him down in his swing and he is now asleep.

Today it left my wondering where my good routine baby was. I believe that dad being home makes like more exciting and not as much routine for my son.

Do you find that is true with your children too?

I am not going to stress too much as he goes right back into normal routine usually on Monday. But it does make for a wacky weekend.

I am so glad that my mother told me to have to no expectations after my son was born because it allows me to be more relaxed with what happens.

How is your weekend going?



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