The Joys of Learning

My son is learning so many new things these past weeks. I am surprised by each new thing I see in him. I love watching him grow in both skills and stature.

Enjoying his learning table

He has really started playing with a few of his new toys from Christmas. His learning table is one that he loves. He plays the drums on it. Flips all the doors and points to the different letters around the edge. He is always learning and discovering with the table.

He also got Lego Duplos for Christmas and just today he pulled out the train engine and was rolling it all over the living room floor. And he is always dumping them out and trying to put a few back in the box.

Then we have the shape sorter that we have had since birth and just this past week he has started to put the shapes into the right holes. He gets the circle and square easily and impressively he gets the cross and triangle in the right holes too. I am so surprised that at 11 months he is already trying to master that skill.

The other new skill he is learning is cleaning up. He helps me with the dishwasher by handing my the spoons to put away. I was startled the first day he handed me one. Then he also loves pulling the dryer balls out and just the other day I found that he had attempted to put them away but in the end had put them in the washer instead.

The dryer balls in the washer. Good try!

I love seeing the joys of him learning and experiencing new things every day, week and month. What new skill has your child learned this week?

Also, a great page turner with mom and by himself

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