Almost to a Year

My little man is 11 months old today!

Where has the time gone?

I am sure most parents say that. One of the best sayings from a more experienced parent that I heard is “that the days are long but the years are short.”

I heartedly agree with that statement and I have only been a parent for 11 months. But I remember long days and nights trying to figure things out. And I still have long days and nights figuring things out.

Just like this afternoon as my baby fell asleep nursing for his nap but then woke up screaming for 10 minutes until I went in. He had a poopy diaper that I missed and in the short half hour he had the worst diaper rash I have seen on him. I felt terrible for him. We took a quick bath and put cream on it. And He is now back down for his nap.

This journey will continue to be a day in and day out learning process for me as much as him. See my post from yesterday about his learning. His learning process is more joy and I feel mine comes with more guilt/worry. We want the best for our child and when we mess up, like the diaper rash, we feel awful. I know, in my mind, in the long run he won’t remember these small mistakes but it is hard not to feel guilty in the moment.

Well my 11 month old baby is my blessing, my joy, my struggle, and so much more.

I see him as my blessing in moments like today when I picked him up after Bible study and he was sound asleep all by himself in the swing in the nursing room. He looked so sweet and peaceful.

He is my happy little one that enjoys playing with his friends in the nursery. I drop him off and he usually crawls right over to the toys all happy to be there. He waves bye to the house and dogs anytime I pick him up because he is ready to go see friends.

He is so close to walking on his own. Anything in the house that is his hip height or higher is good for him push around while walking. I believe by 1 he will be walking on his own.

He is learning how things work together such as shape sorters and straws.

He is a great helper with the dishes and laundry. Yes, it does take my longer to do tasks but I don’t mind if it teaches him something new. I may in the moment not enjoy almost tripping over the tuperware on the floor. Or rewashing my favorite spatula for the third time because he stuck it in his mouth. But I do enjoy him helping me pull the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

He loves looking at books and turning the pages while we read to him. I found him daily in his room pulling the books off the shelf.

He is a great firstborn as he can entertain himself. He plays with his Lego Duplos, or his stuffed animals for 15 – 20 minutes content as can be. I am glad for those times as I can get things done.

One of his highlights of his day is bath time. He enjoys his bath toy that his aunt gave him for Christmas. And he gets so excited when we tell him it is bath time.

A big change this month has been he likes daddy soothing him if he doesn’t fall asleep on me nursing or wakes just an hour after going to bed. Even a month ago he got made if my husband went in to sooth him and now he relaxes easier for my husband then me if I am not nursing him. I miss the days of him cuddling in and I am enjoying the final months of nursing him as I know he will wean himself sooner then later.

We have big changes in the coming month as we are moving to California and will be in transition for half of the month. I look forward to see how he adapts to that change. I worry about his sleep because he had a week long stint of waking up every 2 hours and is finally back to only 2-3 times a night. And I am looking forward to the time when 1 wake up happens. I firmly believe that when he is ready he will sleep through the night.

I look forward to next month and celebrating his first birthday. I love my son in all the moments.

Here is to 11 months!WP_20160119_14_05_15_Pro


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