A Mommy Day

I am exhausted!

Some because it has been a busy day but I have felt like my brain hasn’t been here all day. I felt that I just kept wandering my house forgetting what I was suppose to do.

Such as put both earrings on after my morning shower. I was getting dress and choose my earrings. I then went into the bathroom to do my makeup and hair. I looked at the mirror and instantly worried that my son has pulled out an earring. Wait a minute! I just put them on and my son is asleep in his swing. Back to the closet I went. Sure enough! My second earring was still in its spot. Ugh!

Then as I was getting my son ready for bed I thought I hadn’t placed his bedtime diaper out. So after his bath as I was changing him I realized that actually there were two out because I had originally put it out when I was getting his room ready for bedtime. Oops!

Then there were a bunch of little things throughout that day. And honestly I can’t remember them all right now. My brain is overworked today!

And with everything going on, I guess, I can’t blame myself. We get packed and loaded a week from tomorrow for moving. We are sorting through giving Samson away. Finishing out my commitments up here. Trying to enjoy friends and hold on to normal as long as possible. While making sure I get the house organized to move with give away items, selling items, etc.

Not sure if I am physically exhausted or just mentally exhausted.

Oh and to end the night! I did lose an earring in the course of the day. My son did pull it out of my ear! It was a favorite and I do know where to get a replacement but I will wait and see if I find it on the floor. Or more accurately, my son finds it on the floor and I catch him before he eats it.

But on a positive note. My son went down on the first try without crying. Much needed!

How was your day?


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