Today I took about two hours to just rest while my son takes his nap. I needed it. Just to not think or have to watch him was nice. Especially since we are moving next week. I have had so much going on in my head that I needed time to just do nothing.

Do you have those time as mom? Do you allow yourself rest?

I know I could stay very busy. I could be doing something more with his nap time but then I would be over exhausted and not as good of a mom.

Also, rest is different for each mom and could be different depending on the day. I rested by watching a show and snuggling with my dog.

Maybe you rest by baking or doing a craft. I usually like that but today I needed to not move. Being still was good. And if I was moving I know I would be trying to do my list that I think needs done before the move.

What did you do today to take time for yourself?


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