Meal Snatchers

Yesterday I made a delicious and great looking soda can chicken.

Doesn’t it look wonderful?

It was crispy but juicy. And the meat just feel right off the bone.

I was excited!

It was my first time making it.

I used a half can of Dr Pepper. And made up a seasoning that included salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, poultry season, and basil. And added some olive oil to the outside before putting it into a preheated 350 degree oven for two hours.

It smelled as good as it looked.

So I dished up the meals for my husband and me. And gave some juicy pieces to my son. This is how it turned out. We also had side salads with this dish.

WP_20160122_17_08_54_Pro 1
Not quite restaurant quality but I was impressed.

Right as I finished dishing it up my husband texted saying he hadn’t even left the office yet. Ugh! It was one of those days that I had been checking the clock since 3pm. Not sure why it was so slow except maybe it was because it had been a long week.

Well, I sat down to eat but placed my husband’s plate on the table. My beagle tried licking his meat so I pushed it plate into the middle of the table. I couldn’t wait for him to see how pretty the chicken turned out.

Both my son and I finished so I started cleaning up the dishes. When I turn around to catch my lab mix dog pulling the chicken off the place onto the floor. I screamed, both in frustration and to stop him. The scream made my son really cry because he didn’t like it and I don’t scream like that often at all.

I was mad. My beautiful meal was ruined. I called my husband to see how traffic was and it was bad. I told him the story and how I was ready to be done with the week.

I was also done being a doggy mommy. It is exhausting with my own child too.

This is how my husband’s meat ended up looking before I peeled off the meat and still fed it to the dogs because you know I couldn’t waste such juicy chicken. I guess in the end I rewarded the meal snatchers.

From beauty to mangled

How did your week finish yesterday?


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