I love my husband.

I love when he tries to find things in our house all by himself.

But if I hadn’t followed up with him, he would have been very upset in a weeks time.

We are moving and we are sending him a few items to live “bachelor” style in our rental until our furniture gets there sometime in the next three weeks. This means we are sending him the air mattress.

Well, he was trying to pack his box that he is going to ship all by himself. But the problem was the found the box that the air mattress came in and assumed it had the air mattress.

I don’t know about you but I can’t fit an air mattress back into the box it came in so I had replaced it with Mary Kay bags, loofahs, and girly things. The only reason I realized he didn’t have the air mattress was because I was looking in our linen closet and saw our air mattress still in there.

I love how he just assumed the air mattress was in the box. Glad he was trying to do it on his own.

BUT he is glad I caught it because next week would not have been good if he sent himself “girly” items and no bed.



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