What a Morning!

So it is only 10:30am but what a morning we have had!

Surprisingly it is because of my 11 month old son because he slept in until 9:15am after going to bed at 6:30pm. I will take that even with a couple wake up and feedings in the night.

The business came from our dog, Samson.

Today was the day we were flying him down to AZ to rehome him. My husband woke up at 6:30am to take him to the airport cargo loading to get him on the plane. We had the kennel all set with food, paperwork, blanket, etc. My husband woke up and got Samson out of the house calmly without waking Dylan or my son.

He then spent the next couple hours fighting traffic and getting Samson all set at the airport. We were all feeling the emotions of letting Samson go. My husband called me on his way home and we talked while he fought traffic some more.

He was home loving on Dylan, our beagle, and trying to comfort him. As Dylan was looking for his playmate. Then my husband got a call from Delta that Sam was escaping from his kennel. So back in the car my husband went.

Apparently Samson got out on the air field and had to be corralled into the warehouse. Rob picked him up and we have to rethink how to send Sam down to AZ. Hopefully we can figure it out.

But emotionally it is hard because we had taken our last photos, said our goodbyes, and all that. Now we will go through everything again while trying to pack up ourselves.

Made for a crazy morning.

One of our photos from last night

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