So our busy morning/day has WP_20131124_003continued dealing with our dog, Samson.

We tried to take him again this morning to fly out with a sedative and the airline still denied him. Actually the cargo man denied him after the reservation and desk agent took him.

So we are not looking at alternatives to help get him to Arizona as well as reaching back out to friends here in Washington hoping to find a home.

It is so hard because as a mother I am ready for a new home for Samson so I can fully protect my son but it has been hard rehoming him. It has been a struggle as no shelter or rescue up here will accept him. And he isn’t good with traveling.

We are now looking at having him driven down to Arizona. Therefore my husband has started a gofundme account to see if we can get some of the cost covered.

We didn’t need this right before moving. And this has made it twice as hard on us especially my husband. It is trying to have to say goodbye to a beloved family member just to have him back but knowing he still has to go.



Our Samson just needs a home with older children or no children. He will be loyal and loving. I am praying that the driving will work or someone will step up here.

Here is our gofundme account with info:




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