Busy Month

This past week has started off a busy month for me. I thought I would be able to keep my blog up but that probably won’t happen until next month.

We are moving.

Actually, we are in the middle of moving. And when I say “in the middle” I mean that our furniture is out of our old house and with the moving company and we are waiting for a delivery date for our new house in our new state. So, basically, we are in limbo, waiting to be able to settle in and get started on our new adventure.

We knew we were moving for the past six weeks but everything came together at the last minute so it felt very sudden.

Our family has said goodbye to rainy, cold, Pacific Northwest this past Sunday and are headed to sunny Southern California. We are excited for the weather and to be closer to family. But I am not excited for this whole transition time.WP_20160131_09_52_10_Pro.jpg

My husband is already in California and started his new job. While my son and I are visiting our family in Arizona until our furniture gets delivered in California.

And life didn’t go smoothly last week while prepping for the move as you can see with my previous post with Samson. Also, my little man got sick and then sleep deprived from all the moving. I am still working on transitioning my little man.

He has surprised me on how aware he is at 11 months. He knows that things aren’t normal. He always waves when I pick him up like he is ready to go home but he doesn’t realize we don’t have a home right now. He wants his familiar toys, rooms, bed, and places. He also misses his daddy.

I realize that I really liked how he enjoyed and fully utilized our old place. He knew where all his toys were in the living room and would move through it playing all by himself. He is a great firstborn like that. He also would crawl into his bedroom after lunch almost every day while I cleaned up to read his books until I came in to put him to bed. He knew which drawers and cabinets he could play with in the kitchen. He knew where to go at nighttime for a bath and got very excited. And so much more.WP_20150812_002 - Copy

I was very sad that last night that I got to nurse him in his nursery and put him to bed. I really enjoyed his room and how I made it his. We had such wonderful memories in there. It was the first place that was created for him.

I know we will have new memories in the new house and more exploration. So I felt it was very bittersweet while the movers were packing us. Goodbye to so many memories but hello to new ones.

Here is to my new adventure with my family. Look for how I make this house my home, the new memories we make, the food we cook, the laughs we get, and how our little man continues to grow. He will be one this month! Where has the time gone.