I’m Back!

Wow! February went fast.

I seriously can’t believe it is already the first of March. I am sitting here in my new home in Orange County, CA and ready to jump back into my blog. There is so much running through my head to share that include settling my house to “my merry home”, new restaurants, baking, cooking, new friends, sunshine, my little man, etc.

So my goal this month is to write consistently since I am sort of settled in now. Hopefully that means daily but that could just mean five days a week.

February was met with almost two weeks in Arizona with family while our furniture was being transported to our new house. Then it has been about two weeks since flying out to meet my husband to unpack and start our new life. In those two weeks we had my birthday, Valentine’s Day, my son’s first birthday, family visit, new churches, a new MOPs group, and new learning experiences. It was one busy month.

I have been enjoying the sunshine and warmth of Southern California although I have yet to make it to the beach. But I have been working on expanding my wardrobe to include spring/summer clothes which hasn’t been needed much since losing most of the baby weight.

How was your February? Did you do anything special on the extra day we got?

Can’t wait to post more pictures and stories!


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