Sunshine and Warm Faces


It has been just over two weeks since I “officially” moved to California since it took two week to deliver our furniture. And it has been a change!

One that everyone pointed out before I moved and still do now that I am here is the sunshine. And…

I love it! The sun almost every day since I have been here with the beautiful 70 degree weather is great. It did rain but it still wasn’t as dreary as when it is just overcast in Seattle.

I don’t miss the rain yet.

Although I have ran into soo many people that say they love the rain and have thought of living in the Pacific Northwest. I tell them stay a one or two winters and you will get tired of the rain. I knew native Pacific Northwesterns that said they loved the rain but they still took regular trips to Hawaii around February or March. So even they had to escape the rain after a bit. That was also a tip given to me to survive the rain up there.

A great addition that comes with the sunshine here in Southern California is the warm faces that I run in to. I am getting use to actually saying hi to everyone I pass in my neighborhood and smiling while out and about with my errands. I get in conversations with strangers over my son all the time. I just love looking people in the eyes and seeing friendly smiling faces.

20160301_213217921_iOSIt could have been the weather but in Seattle you didn’t really make eye contact or smile at strangers when out and about. I remember my first week in Seattle and I was going “apartment” crazy with two dogs and no friends so I decided to go to the mall. I was also working my Mary Kay business so I thought I would try smiling about people and anyone that smiles back would get a little gift with my business card. After a half hour at the mall, no one had to smiled back or even looked me in the eyes. I did finally run into one lady that talked to me and smiled while on the way to my car. But it was a little saddening when I just wanted a friendly face.

I am happy to be in the sun with the warm faces here in Orange County.


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