Clumsy Mess of Mine

The other morning I was making my breakfast which usually starts with a delicious healthy shake. I then decided to add in a warm tortilla with butter because I just needed something more. Well, I was on the phone with my mom to catch up when my elbow hit my glass and off it went to the flow.


It made quite the mess and if I let even a drop of this dry it takes so much more elbow grease and time to clean up.

Luckily my son was in his high chair so I didn’t have to worry about him. But my little beagle, Dylan, had to be dragged outside because he went straight to licking it up and had no clue there was glass in it.

Oh and I was completely out of paper towels that morning. It was on my list for shopping later that afternoon. Oops!

What has been your latest mess?

Clumsy Mess of Mine

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