A Full Housewarming Party

It has been just over a month since my husband arrived in Orange County and exactly three weeks for my son and myself. And the downstairs looks full settled from the front entry, living room and kitchen. It looks like my home.

Dylan’s lone cushion downstairs

It went from a blank slate of a good house to a warm and inviting home with my personality and details in it. When I walked in with my husband in the middle of February there was an office chair and a dog bed downstairs. Now when I walk in I see a comforting space that is just right for my family.

So since we are halfway settled in we invited new friends and my husband’s coworkers over for a little housewarming party last night. A “little” might be an understatement because our house was pulsing with over 20 people last night. There was 5 children until 4 years old running around and couples and single men enjoying delicious food.

20160219_185607029_iOS - Copy
Settled living room except for the boxes outside. Oops!

I was very impressed with the turnout and enjoyed meeting my husband’s coworkers. My little man enjoyed entertaining the little people for a time before it was his dinner time. Then he enjoyed playing “guess what I want” with the adults as they filled their plates.

We served a delicious spread of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with buns and fixings. The sides including tortilla chips with a layered bean dip, potato chips with ranch dip, goldfish, a veggie platter, and a variety of fruits with a cream cheese marshmellow dip. The ending was delicious milkshakes in the following flavors: birthday cake, thin mint, and M&Ms. And our drinks included homemade strawberry lemonade, water, ICE flavored drinks and some guests brought champagne and wine that all enjoyed.

Most everyone stayed until just past 7 and all seemed to enjoy themselves. I really look forward to getting to know them more. I am pretty sure we will be having smaller dinner parties and a few playdates after last night.

It was very comforting feeling welcomed to the new area. It was the right timing to because this past week I have started feeling the emotions of missing my friends from Seattle. So making connections here helps ease that emotion slightly.

Sorry for no pictures because I got a little busy and forgot to take any. Here are a few from my little man enjoying his new house this past week.


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