Unpacking Focus

Since we just moved I have been thinking about how I go about unpacking and when does my house feel like my home.

Have you moved recently? Have you looked back when you moved to see how you handled it? Has the order ever changed?

When I was childless I went very methodically through the house starting with the kitchen and moving on to the bedroom but back then the whole house got settled in about a week because I had soo much time to focus on whatever. I know my second move in Washington I actually unpacked and settled the kitchen the evening after we moved all our boxes and furniture because I was going out of town for a week the next day and wanted my husband to be able to use the kitchen.

BUT now with a child unpacking takes a LOT longer. My mother even came out to help two days after the furniture and boxes had been delivered to help me. We still only got half the house unpacked between the hour or more it took every morning to feed my son and get him ready for bed then he still has two naps a day. And then there is lunch and dinner and play time. So when she left four days later she looked at me and said she thought we would be done in two days and she would have been able to enjoy David more. Not so fast when you have a one year old moving around.

Now I also moved back when David was six weeks old and it still took a while to get settled because he was nursing every 2-3 hours for at minimum half hour at a time. It took my over three days then just to settle my kitchen and I reached out to friends to help unpack because it was going so slow.

But through all that and this move I realized the one thing that helps me feel like a house is my home is when my pictures and frames go up on the wall. I can overlook the not yet unpacked boxes if I have one space or room that is “mine”. “Mine” meaning with my pictures and frames up on the wall.

This move I focused on downstairs and got the entry way and living room done first. Then second was my son’s bedroom. I was really missing his nursery because it lacked the relaxing charm of the old room when it was just plain white. Now it is feeling more comfy cozy like a nursery should due to his decorations up on the wall.

What makes your house your home?



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