Bad Habit

Do you have a bad habit?

I am sure you do as I believe we all have a bad habit.

Have you ever tried to stop your bad habit?

I continually try to stop mine. What is mine?

I pick my cuticles and sometimes my nails.

My nails aren’t really a problem anymore as I when I was in high school I used to pick them until there was no white anymore. But then I found I enjoyed growing them long to paint and look nice. Then while pregnant my nails got really healthy and long due to hormones so they definitely wasn’t a problem.

BUT my cuticles are another story. I have asked my husband to try to help me stop if he notices me doing but most of the time I get annoyed at him for telling me to stop.

Why do I pick my cuticles?

Because they get dry and then stick out. So I pick them and then they get sore and feel funny from the new skin healing across it so it is a vicious cycle that keeps going.

I have just noticed that since moving it has gotten much worse probably due to the stress and new climate. The last two nights going to bed I realized a few fingers hurt and I really should stop but how do I?

Whenever I sit down to do something I notice a cuticle and start picking at it. I do it as a nervous habit. I do it as a habit to keep my hands busy. I do it because my cuticles annoy me.

I have tried to moisturize them regularly and put treatment gel on them but that never sticks in the long run. Maybe someday I can break my bad habit but for now it gets better and then gets worse. And my circumstances really affect how bad they are.

What is your bad habit? Have you ever broken it?



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