1st Birthday Party

My little man turned one year last month. I can’t how big he is compared to last year when all he did was sleep in my arms and nurse. He can almost walk but would rather crawl because he is so fast at it. He is talking more and more every day. He loves to play with his toys especially our dog’s ball toys. He lines up his toys. He can put the Duplo people into their cars. He loves to read books and turn the pages. He helps unload the silverware in the dishwasher. He loves to help with laundry. He laughs and giggles. And he points at everything he wants to see whether that is a flower, tree, picture or food. He favorite food is banana but doesn’t turn down anything. And on his first birthday he started sleeping 12 hours a night. What a huge difference from last year at this time.

So we celebrated his day in a fun but quiet celebration. Since we just moved we didn’t know anyone to have a big party with and it is just his first birthday so it is more about family celebrating with him then having his friends over.

So our big decorations were over the counter behind where he usually eats in his high chair. And then I decorated his high chair too. I then made a white cupcake from scratch with cream cheese frosting to decorate it. It was a fun way to bring him down to breakfast on his birthday morning.


We only had my in-laws come out for his birthday but it was so much fun to have them here. We had fun food for dinner. There were pigs in the blanket, French bread with mozzarella cheese, a fruit salad with banana (since that is my son’s favorite), and salad. He enjoyed his dinner like he does every night.

Then came time to open gifts which there were a lot of thanks for Grandma and Grandpa. He got puzzles, noise makers, cell phone, Duplos, and clothes. It was so much fun to celebrate my little man turning one.

And we finished the night with an attempt at the cake smash with the cupcake. He didn’t seem so sure of it although he looked cute in his hat and bib. He just poked the cupcake and then was done. Only after we had cleaned him up and I sat down with my cupcake did he decide he wanted to have mine. Life of a mom.

And I am glad we didn’t go over the top but kept it simple. When he can start requesting themes I might go a bit bigger for birthday parties but this was just right for my little man.

How have your celebrated first birthdays?




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