Embracing the Outdoors

So I have decided to fully embrace the outdoors in here in California but starting back to interval running. I am going to work up to doing a 5k outside while pushing my little man in our jogging stroller. This is a big leap because I know it is more work to push a stroller then just run by yourself.

Now I will state that I won’t really be training for more then a 5k. I think running is good and I actually like HIIT or interval training better then straight running. And I trained and ran a half marathon and never again do I plan on doing that. I never got the “runner’s high” or fell madly in love with running. I just like short reasonably distances that push my body a bit.

Also, I have to fit my exercise in the time that I have with my son and keeping my house taken care of. So my goal is to add in the couch to 5k program for the next 8 weeks. Then in a few weeks I will add some weights or additional workout into my routine. But my main goal in this outing is to enjoy the beautiful weather with my son while having a goal. I like goals and working towards them.

Any goals you are working on? Or any good suggestions for embracing the outdoors after I complete this program with my son?



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