Signs of Weaning

My baby is growing into a toddler more and more each day. He is walking more steps all by himself. He can reach higher. He talks more. He is growing up. He sleeps 12-13 hours straight at night time. But the biggest sign to me that he isn’t a baby any more is that he is slowly weaning himself from nursing.

It is a twist of emotions as I watch this happen. I love our nursing times because those are some of the few times when he actually lies in my arms even if it is for a second. I love our bedtime routine of nursing him in the quiet and praying over him.

But I know those days are going to end and probably sooner then I want. I am enjoying sleeping through the night and being able to dress without worrying about how to nurse. But I also loved how the nursing bonded me to my son and being able to provide him with all the nourishment he needed.

Now usually he only is nursing when he first wakes up and when I am putting him to bed. He does occasionally ask for nursing once or twice during a day but he latches on for 5 seconds and then races off. I am beginning to recognize that as more of a sign for he is tired and ready for a nap then really wanting to nurse.

And he is satisfying himself with solid foods. He eats almost as much as I do at a meal. He loves his fruits, meats, diary, and some veggies. The past weekend for breakfast he ate 3 dollar size pancakes, 3 sausage links, a full banana, and some strawberries. Plus, yesterday he enjoyed his first full sippy cup for whole milk. So now he will drink his water and milk.

It is just a matter of time before he won’t want to nurse any more. I figure it will begin with the morning nursing time to be dropped and then the bedtime one. I mourn the end of this cherished time with my son but I am very glad he is leading the weaning instead of it being forced. I just hope I can cherish the nursing times until it is the last time. WP_20150930_001


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