Random Musings

Here are just a few random musings from motherhood this past week.

  • I am glad that I love to drink water because my son wants to imitate me and that means drinking water too. The downside is he thinks he can have any drink I have then which was a big no when I was enjoying a margarita on Sunday. Plus and minus for everything right?
  • My son is so smart. Ok, most parents think this. But my son knows that diapers go down on his bottom. He picks on up and pushes it between his legs. Too cute! And whenever he wants to put on his shoes he tries to do it himself. He even has tried putting on my shoes. Too bad he has tried to put on the right shoe on his left foot after I just put the left shoe on his left foot. It is just fun to see him connecting things together.
  • My son so wanted to go out for a walk when daddy left on Friday that he stood at the garage door crying and pounding on the door. Again, too cute!
  • Anyone else love the savings that come with cloth diapers but don’t like the solid food poop? My husband even asked if I ever thought about giving up cloth diapers because spraying off that poop is really gross. The thoughts has crossed my mind. Also, the wish for straight breastmilk poop again too!
  • My son is so close to walking most of the time. He can walk but he is still faster crawling so prefers that.
  • I love that my son eats solid food but it was quicker to feed him right away when nursing then now with food. It takes 5-10 minutes to get our meal ready and he is down at my feet fusing because he is hungry.
  • And it is time for my little man to get a haircut. His hair is finally too long but I am trying to hold off because it is just another sign that he is a toddler not my baby.

What have been your thoughts this week?


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