Paper or Dishes?

Do you ever think about why you keep your home a certain way?

I have this past week because I mentioned to my husband that I feel like I am always doing dishes. He said, “Buy paper plate and plastic ware then you won’t have dishes to do.” I immediately balked at the idea. I always push back when he says that.

My husband was raised using paper products that were easy to throw away. My family was raised with setting the table every night with cloth napkins, dishes, glasses, and silverware. It was how we ate dinner and usually lunch and breakfast.

So some of my push back was because of how I was raised and my tradition. I also know I feel like it is more of a family dinner when I use dishes. Another reason is that it is better for the environment and the earth to wash dishes then use paper products. And it helps reduce trash and we make a lot of trash as is.

But deep down I do it because I like my dishes. They are bright and colorful. They don’t need to be hide in the cabinets but used. I want to see them every day. I love presenting a good meal on my good dishes. And it wouldn’t help too much with the dishes washing as the pots and pans that I cook in would still happen.

And along that vein of using dishes because I like them and how they look I also like decorative pillows on my bed which my husband doesn’t understand. I arrange our throw pillows on the couch to look pretty each day even though he moves them to be more comfortable every night. I fold up any blankets and put them in our ottoman daily. And I make my bed daily because it looks better. My husband can laugh at me but it is how I like to keep my home.

How do you like to keep your home? Do you and your spouse agree? And would you switch to paper to keep from doing dishes?


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