Today’s Adventures

My little man was quite busy today.

He chose to walk down the stairs facing forward while holding my hands for the first time. We usually let him go down by himself by crawling backwards. And he learned how to lock and unlock the baby gates on the stairs if they aren’t latched fully.

He also figured out how to climb on our bed all by himself. This meant learning to open the drawers on the bench at the end of the bed and experimenting with climbing in the drawers. After the drawers then the bench to the bed. He was very proud of himself but this means watching him extra careful in our room.

Then he walked around Kohl’s with me while we looked for a front door mat. He helped me found the right welcome mat. And it is now sitting at our front door.

And lastly, he is walking all over the house. He can almost make it across the room. Very proud to watch his accomplishments.

What was your toddler’s adventure?


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