So my little man is waffling between one or two naps a day. I am also torn between which one I really prefer.

So this past week my son only took one late morning nap two days in a row. He slept an hour and half to two hours each time and then made it all the way to bedtime without another nap. He was still a happy little fellow just started slowing down after dinner. So I thought maybe he was switching.

But yesterday and today he has basically asked for his morning nap around 9:30 and then that is too early to do one nap so he will need an afternoon nap. Both naps yesterday were just an hour long so about equal to one long nap. So on my side it didn’t really matter if it was two or one nap because I get the same amount of time to get things done.

My philosophy on sleep has been just give him the opportunities and let him learn how to sleep. So I really haven’t ever done sleep training. I nursed him throw the night as he woke up until his first birthday when all of a sudden he slept twelve hours straight. I also don’t force naps. I lay him in the swing or bed and if he cries for more then 15 minutes I usually take him back out and play. But I will say I have a great sleeper and he usually doesn’t cry at all for naps or bedtime.

So I am trying to learn his new signs for if he needs one or two naps and what does he want. It is a hard stage because I almost have to approach each day as completely unexpected after having had a few months of predictability. This week every day has been leaning on my mother’s advice of having no expectations.

What were the signs your child stopped taking two naps? Did you enjoy going down to one nap? What age was your child?20160224_022636888_iOS.jpg


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