First Haircut

My baby got his first haircut or more accurate a trim. He has such fine blonde hair that the hairstylist didn’t want to take too much off. But my husband was saying he had a mullet going on and it was finally driving me crazy. So I looked up kids salon and found Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids in Tustin.

Our appointment was at 12:30pm on Friday, March 25th with Trisha. And I would recommend to any new parent to take their children there. Trisha worked with the little hair that David had and made it very comfortable for David. I also helped by bringing cheerios to distract David. David got to sit in the Hummer for his haircut.

Trisha was so nice since David had so little hair to cut that she just charged us for a bang trim which was $9.95 plus $3 for the first time hair cut. The first time hair cut package included a printed picture, a certificate, and a piece of hair in a bag. It was a great way to add something to David’s scrapbook. And on the way out he got a balloon that he very much enjoyed.

I was nervous and afraid David would fight it. But he was pretty relaxed just didn’t like the tickling at times but no tears. It was much easier then I expected and glad to get that out of the way. We will be back for trims to make it a normal routine for David.  I even bought some styling cream to help with the fly away hair and to make him look cute too.



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